I’m a commercial photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Feel free to browse around my website, blog, or Facebook page, or you can send me a message and say hi!


What is this?

Welcome! This is my personal website (as opposed to my professional one) where I have the freedom to upload whatever photos, videos, or blog postings I want. I’ve always wanted a website where I could put up pretty much anything that crossed my mind or has been captured by my camera, and this is it. So I hope you feast your eyes on visual media and enjoy what you see. Come dream with me~

A little bit of everything

Every professional photographer out there will tell you that you should never do, or try to do everything. Find something to specialize in, otherwise you won’t be taken seriously. And I agree with that statement. You cannot be a jack of all trades, because it means you’re a master of none, and why would people want to hire you for something if you’re not a master of it?

Every genre of photography requires a completely different knowledge and skill set, and because they’re all different, I can’t help but want to dabble in all genres of photography. It’s probably one of the best ways to learn and hone my skills as a whole. So the sad truth of the matter is, that I love to try and shoot every kind of photography out there at least once. From all kinds of portraits, to cars, to products, to buildings, to street photography, to landscape, to boudoir and even weddings (yikes, right?).

So as much as I try to specialize in one type of photography, I can’t help that I love to diversify and try shooting everything at least once. After all, life’s too short to limit yourself.


KTB Photography

Say Hi!

Hello! Ciao! 你好! Bonjour! Hola! Wuzzaaaaah. Feel free to write me a message  with your questions or comments, or you can randomly tell me about your day and what you had for dinner – because why not?

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