About Me


I’m Kevin. I’m a commercial photographer born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I got my first camera at the influential age of 4 from a very arts and photography orientated family and-

Actually you, know what? I’m totalling BSing you guys. I got my first camera at the not-so-young age of 19 and the primary reason why I got a camera at all was because it was on sale and I had played with one for about 30 seconds about 2 weeks prior. Yep – that’s the amazingly inspirational story of how I got into photography. I had never taken a proper photograph before in my life before that first camera either, nor did I have any talents in any other form of art. Neat, huh? But then after half a year of playing with it and 2 years of photo schooling, I’m an award winning photographer who is constantly learning new things and evolving my photographic skills endlessly. I don’t think that we as people could ever stop learning or improving ourselves. There is no limit to how much knowledge and talent a person can have and put out.

Other than taking pictures, I love video games, I love driving my Subaru, playing tennis, and being severely addicted to the internet. Well – I don’t love being severely addicted to the internet, it just kind of happened…

I also use run-on sentences a lot… you’ll have to excuse that.

About This Website

Unlike my other websites that show specific content, this website is my mixing pot. I wanted a place where I could put all and any photos I take into one area and not have to worry or care about how it looked or what people thought of it. The idea for this website is quite simply: “Photography”. Versus my other website which is “Commercial Photography”. When I made the decision to turn photography from a fun hobby that I loved into a career, I made the mistake that many people do when turning hobbies into careers – it stops being a hobby and it starts to feel like a job. And when people do this, they lose their drive and their passion that they originally had when doing the thing that they loved. This is true for many hobbies turned careers, such as music artists, or chefs, or…even car mechanics. When I realized that I had lost my flame for photography, I realized it was because I was stressing out over it, and viewing it as a job. I no longer felt this… love for the photos that I took anymore. So I’ve made it my goal to make photography as much my hobby as it is my career, and I think it’s very important for all photographers to do this.

About My Photography

What exactly is photography to me? I’m not quite sure myself. It varies so heavily from in every form of photography, you know? But I think for me, photography is creating images that wow – that inspire the imagination. There’s this line in “Hugo” (which is my favourite movie by the way) where Georges Méliès, a movie director and actor at the time (in the movie, but he also exists in real life) walked up to a little kid who was fascinated at the sight of a movie studio and said “If you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from, then look around, this is where they’re made.” I absolutely love that line, and I try to base some of my photography off of that ideal. I’m not a photojournalist, and I don’t aim to capture the raw truth. My goal is to create dreams – still images of dreams that both fascinate and inspire the viewer. I’m not trying to create lies, I’m aiming for images that teeter on the line between beautiful reality and the sights that we dream to see.

I also believe in Photoshop. A lot of people are anti-photoshop because they think it makes the image not real anymore, it’s fake. Well, they’re full of crap. Because no camera out there sees what our eyes see anyway, it’s technological fact. So those people who say that they don’t use Photoshop because they want the image to look as real as possible? All crap. Some people call photography an art, and it’s debatable, quite frankly I’m not too sure if I consider it an art myself. But if it were, then creating images with the aid of Photoshop isn’t that far-fetched at all. It’s simply another tool that the photographer uses to complete the vision in their head. That’s fair, isn’t it?

I’m also what photographers know as a gear-phile, or gear head. I love photography gear and believe that it’s essential to creating good photography. You know how some people say it’s about the photographer and not the camera? They’re half right, but three quarters wrong. A photographer who knows what they’re doing requires the right equipment in order to make the magic happen. For example, a very talented chef will struggle to cook a turkey with an oven that doesn’t heat past 300°C . They can still make it happen, but it’ll be difficult and won’t be as good as if they had an oven that was actually capable. That’s concept holds true for photographers and their gear.

My other much shorter bio…

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read): I take pictures and stuff.

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