Yellowknife: Day 1 to 3

When it comes to vacations over winter, most people tend to pick somewhere tropical and warm, or at the very least, not freezing cold. Yet here I am, doing the complete opposite. While my home town of Edmonton has been slowly warming up to what people are perceiving as an early spring, I apparently decided […]

New Website & Blog!

Welcome to my new website! There are a lot of new things here and new things with KTB Photography, so strap yourselves in, this may be a somewhat long post. What’s different from this website and the old one? Well, the old website ( was my professional commercial photography site, and therefore it only had […]

Canada Day 2014

First blog post in more than half a year! Woo! …I really need to work on writing more often… Anyway, I didn’t photograph or even go out for the Canada Day Fireworks last year because… I don’t remember, but I think I was just simply feeling like crap. But this year, Edmonton was officially lighting […]

Photographing Drifting

The first big snowfall of the year came, and I figured this would be the best time to write about drifting. This year was the first year that I actually shot drifting on the track, and boy was it exciting. I’ve always loved drifting, ever since watching Initial D as a kid. But I’ve only […]

Fiat 500 Abarth

I’ve loved the Fiat 500 Abarth since it came out. It’s a cute little car that could make for some really good fun on a track. I was disappointed when the Fiat 500 first came to North America though because it had the potential to be a fast little car, but it was advertised as […]

First Award

I won my first photography award! Yay! I think most people have entered one type of photography contest/competition at one point or another in their photographic lifetime. I know I have. From the free ones to the ones where you pay a petty $3 to enter, and yet I’ve never won. That’s because I entered […]

Quick Update

Hello World. I haven’t really posted anything lengthy in a while because it’s just been ridiculously busy these past few weeks. Just wanted to go over some updates though: – I’ll be removing and re-adding some images over the next few weeks to hopefully improve the loading speed of the site, since it does load […]

New Camera

A few weeks ago, I finally got a new camera! Ze Canon 5d Mark III! Yaaaaaaaay! This was a much needed upgrade as I felt like I had finally reached the limits of my 7D. The old 7D was also riddled with a bunch of minor problems that were major annoyances. The worst of these […]

Street Portraits in Edmonton

When I first started photography, I browsed flickr fairly often and there this one this one person who had endless headshots of people on the street. I absolutely loved them because the people stood out so much, and the variety of faces was interesting, and the background was so blurry and I fell in love […]

First Time Shooting at a Pool

Sometimes I wonder what words to capitalize in a title… Anyway! So a while back, I shot at a swimming pool for the first time. The ideas in my head were epic and amazing aaaaaaand usually when your idea is epic and amazing, you’re often let down by how the idea is nowhere as epic […]

Fantasy Balloon Land

My inspiration for this idea came directly from a Wong Fu Productions music video that was made for David Choi. If you haven’t heard of either of them, then you’re missing out and should look them up! Anyway, in the music video they had a bunch of white balloons held down to the ground by […]

Tall Guy – Short Bike

I was struggling to find ideas that I found to be interesting or have some kind of crazy juxtaposition in them. Then one day while shopping at Walmart, I saw this guy riding around the store on a tiny kids bike. I didn’t only see him once, I saw him a good 3-4 times during […]