Portrait That Makes No Sense

Have you ever had a fully fledged photo idea in your head and then the actual photo look absolutely nothing like the idea in your head? That happens to me a lot. Any time I have a fully formed idea in my head, the shoots never look anything like it, and I feel slightly disappointed in myself. […]

Misplaced Up

Photos in the Shower

WELL THIS IS AWKWARD. It’s also not quite what you were expecting, I’m sure. But I also didn’t lie, it is indeed photos of someone in a shower. We had to fulfill the theme “Misplaced” and although I can’t remember how it came to my head, I thought that someone eating food inside a shower […]

Sports Section

I do a fair bit of a sports shooting for the school newspaper (The Nait Nugget) and decided (after much self debate) to finally publish a sports section on the website. However, the majority of it is hockey, since that’s what I happen to shoot the most. Also most of it is of NAIT, since […]

Martin Schoeller Recreation

Martin Schoeller is an advertising and editorial photographer based out of New York, but he’s most well known for his “hyper-detailed close up” headshots. I’m sorry to say that I’m conformist and cliche enough to be a big fan of his work as well. There’s just something mesmerizing about these close up head shots he […]

Salad Head Photoshoot

I’ve recently made a decision that I should try to make nearly all my portraits stand out from a regular portrait as much as possible. But how does one do this? I start to think about the high fashion scene and how the usually look pretty weird because of how the model looks, or the […]

Wannabe Videographer

“They” say that the photo industry is dying and that one day everyone will be doing video instead of still photos. This is actually very possible since some video cameras such as the Canon 1D C and the Red Epics can shoot to 4K and 5K (That’s 4 or 5 times the resolution of 1080P). […]

Family Portrait..?

Family portraits are definitely not my thing. They’re too standard – gets boring too quickly and I simply cannot do it. But I’ve always told myself to try out everything at least once, or twice if the situation arose. Plus it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and do “other things” every once […]

New light!

Last week there was a microphone (just a general use cardioid microphone for mounting on top of cameras) on sale. But there was also a bundle on sale where you get the microphone and this neat donut-like LED light. It’s called a Rotolight and it has 48 LEDs and a bunch of filters that you […]

First 10,000 – Part 2

Read Part 1 here Last time I left off with the thought of “Wow… ………………….I really need a flash”, it was just so revolutionary to me. It made everything so easy somehow; everything just automatically became picture perfect. The exposure was correct, everything was nice and bright and had contrast from the flash, and it […]

First 10,000 Photos – Part 1

There’s a famous quote out there by a famous photographer by the name of Henri Cartier-Bresson that says “Your first 10,000 photos are your worst”, and as I progress through my young photographic career, I can’t help but find that to be more and more true. I was never destined to be a photographer (or […]


I think it’s safe to say that photographing babies and children is quite a ways outside of my comfort zone, but you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do and you should try everything at least once. Last week, I got the chance to photograph my cousins adorable baby boy, Harley-Gene. OM NOM NOM I found […]

New Screens

The last time I bought new monitors was in my final year of High School. They were 22 inch Acer monitors and they only cost me $150 each when new & on sale …I think. Anyway, the point is that they’re old and the only reason why I kept them for so long is because […]