Project: Cars Completed!

Last semester in school, we had a major thesis project where we all had to pick a theme/topic that we wanted to shoot on; and I decided to choose “Cars”. I chose it because I’ve loved cars ever since I got a ride at the age of 3 in my uncles 1992 Acura NSX. Although […]

New Website: Under Construction!

The website’s had a makeover! Although the old website design was used for less than a year, I didn’t actually like it as much as I thought I did. It was too cluttered, too much information everywhere and it was a little bit of a pain to navigate around. However, it is still ranked (in […]

Downtown Auroras

Most of my blog posts as of late have been about Auroras, and there is a very… let’s just say, “interesting” reason for this. I haven’t been posting much first of all simply because I’m too busy with editing images and don’t really have time to be posting. In fact, I shouldn’t be posting this […]

My new rig!

Boy it’s been a long time since I posted something. Long story short though: I’m back in school now so things are going to severely slow down for a bit, but I still have some work to finish up from over the summer. Anyway! For our second year at school we have to do a […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

Just this past weekend, our planet Earth passed through the tail debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle (that’s a cute name for a comet, isn’t it?) and it brings to us the Annual Perseid Meteor shower, which was said to be a pretty spectacular show. This was my very first time going out to actually see the […]


This should have been posted this a couple weeks ago, but better late than never, right? Edmonton is a strange city with some really unpredictable and ever changing weather. But it seems that for the last few years, July has been our big storm season – yay summer eh? Unfortunately I was still in Vancouver […]

Holly & Patrick Wedding

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been very busy. The last thing I wrote about was that I was travelling through Vancouver, to LA, to San Diego, then back to LA and then back to Vancouver to shoot a wedding, and ever since I got back from Vancouver I’ve been […]


As I write this, I’m currently on my way from Edmonton to Vancouver. Once in Vancouver I’ll be taking a flight down to the California coast for some quick R&R before I return to Vancouver to shoot a wedding – yay. A shot I got during a quick 10 minute stop off in Jasper with […]

Aurora? Where?

On Saturday evening there was an alert for some Northern Lights to show up, so I checked my usual websites which all said that there would be strong Auroras that could almost reach the US Border and the weather said that we’d have clear skies; so I headed out to Elk Island for the best […]


Not too long ago I posted a blog post about the website being done but how it still had some content to be filled in. Well, today some of that content has been filled in! Yay! Namely the “food” gallery. Other things to be updated would be the “Portrait” gallery, a product section under “Commercial”, […]

First Wedding Video

Last month I had the privilege of being the videographer for my cousin Tong’s wedding on May 4th, 2012. It was my very first time doing wedding video and I walked into it knowing just a little bit more than nothing about wedding videography. The result is what you see below. With it being my first […]

Hawrelak Park E-Session

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing an engagement session at Hawrelak Park under IDLS Photography (learn more at the bottom of this post) for Gayla & Ryan, who are going to tie the knot on June 21st! We choose Hawrelak park for the location of the shoot because aside from being a […]