I’m a city person…

Always have been and always will be. I don’t think I could ever live out in the country. Sure, it’s peaceful and quiet out there and you get a beautiful view of the stars, but it’s a little too quiet, and too far from everyday things. I live for the noise, the lights, and liveliness and the chaos that the city provides. I guess I’m one of the people who also suffers from an irritable ringing noise in my ear and when it’s dead quiet, it’s all I can hear, and it drives me a little bit crazy.

I remember when I was 15 and was in Vietnam, aside from the cultural shock, I was absolutely blown away with how noisy it was. There was easily 10 car/bike horn sounds every second and this went on for literally the entire day and late into the night. I remember it was 1:30am, and I was trying to fall asleep, and even though the streets were fairly empty by now, you would still hear non-stop honking and it was absolutely insane. Eventually I adjusted to it rather quickly and embraced the noise. But when I got back home to good old Canada, even in the city of Edmonton, the silence when compared to Vietnam was absolutely torturous. I couldn’t stand it at all. Ever since then, I’ve needed noise in my life to survive.

If you checked out the “After Dusk” gallery, then you’ll also know that I absolutely love the cities at night (which is why the two galleries share so many images). Especially the city lights, all the different lights giving off a different colour and brightness level turns a fair plain looking section of city street into a vibrant, breathing block that is absolutely filled with personality. Add in intermittent vehicles that you have no control over, and you get a randomness that can’t be beat.