Mobile Photography

What exactly is mobile photography? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. It’s…photography… with the phone camera. For a lot of people, their phone or tablet cameras are enough. But for photographers, the quality simply isn’t there. So typically speaking, your phones camera is really only used for taking quick snaps of things you find interesting or funny, or to take selfies, or take a photo of your meal that day to show off to your social media. But they’re really hard to use for anything remotely serious.

There’s a famous saying that goes “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.” While that may be true, I always find that the right equipment is what’s holding back a great photo from being an even better photo. There are many photographers out there who have tried to dispute this claim, and say that mobile photography works just as good if you know what you’re doing, and they’ve made some good arguments, but I still find it hard to agree.

Then there are other photographers who say that “The best camera is the one you have with you.” Now that is something I can agree with, but can’t always prove. So this past summer and during my time in Toronto I decided that instead of walking around with my big camera everywhere. I’d walk around with only my phone and see what shots I could get. It was a great way for me to get back to the basics of photography, especially the naivety of it that all photographers have when they first start out. When every photographer first starts shooting, pretty much everything and anything is interesting, and we try to get some crazy angles to make it even more interesting. Due to the lack of control, limited zoom capability, and bad quality in general, it was also good training in problem solving, which is a huge part of photography. What you see below is a result of this… “training”.