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What is Fine Art Photography? Honestly, I’ve been asking myself that question ever since I started photography, and quite frankly, I still have no idea. To be blunt, I don’t know what “Fine Art Photography” means at all. Even if you look it up, there are an endless amount of varying definitions for it. After reading all these different descriptions, I came to a definition of my own for fine art photography: “Fine Art Photography is photography that captures and encapsulates the vision of the photographer as an artist”.

As of right now, I don’t consider myself to be a full fledged artist, I consider myself as simply, a photographer who likes to make awesome images. I aim to take photos that I think look awesome and because of how they look, I think they would look good as a giant print. Therefore, to me, fine art photography is just… photos that go up on walls for display purposes because they look awesome or amazing; and if the photo is amazing, then I believe that the print medium needs to be fitting for all the awesome that the image contains.

That’s why personally I went through a ridiculous long and expensive process of finding and testing out various printing outlets to ensure that my photographs are printed on some of the highest quality materials available in North America while keeping cost in mind.

Brushed Metal Prints

High end aluminium prints with a unique one-of-a-kind finish that you will find nowhere else in Edmonton.

Strong Impact

The metal prints are made with a coated sheet of brushed aluminium which has the ink infused directly into the metal. The metal is then treated with a glossy finish, giving the print an impactful vibrancy that is simply breathtaking. Thanks to the sheer/brush effect on the metal, the print reflects light differently at different viewing angles, giving the image a different magical luminescent feel every time you look at it. It is literally endlessly fascinating.

High Quality

All metal prints are handcrafted by professional printing experts in the United States. Although metal prints are available within Canada, none of them can match the quality and finish that these metal prints have. The metal prints has been professionally tested at the Rochester Institute of Technology for durability and have been found to resist fading by 2 to 4 times when compared to traditional long-lasting white photo paper.


No one else in Alberta is offering prints (metal or otherwise) that can rival the quality of these Brushed Metal Prints. Each photograph that gets the honour of being printed in this fashion is also limited in their number of copies and sizes, with the lowest number of copies on a single image being 24. Therefore, if you’re an owner of one of these prints, it will be one of the most unique prints in the world.

Glossy Brushed Metal Prints


Brushed Metal Texture

Brushed Metal Texture

Brushed Metal Frame

Brushed Metal Frame

There are so many different types of print mediums out there, making it really hard to figure out which one is best suited for what type of photo. So after testing out so many different forms of printing, why did I decide to go with metal prints? Out of all the different print mediums that I tested, this particular type of metal print was the most impactful. They were the only print medium that literally took my breath away when I first saw them, and they really have that high-end quality feel and look to them. It takes an already stunning image and turns it into a breathe taking image that will make you go “Wow”. There are of course, other photographers who print on metal, and many commercially available outlets that will print on metal for your own personal photos, but none of them can match the quality and finish of these brushed metal prints. The sheered/brushed texture on the print gives a unique look to the image that no other medium can reproduce. The image itself is framed with a 1.25″ inch thick Pewter Grey brushed metal frame, making it feel very modern and high quality.

The ink used for the metal prints is infused directly into the sheets of aluminium, making the prints extremely resistant from fading, but it also gives the print a very unique way of displaying colour. Add on the glossy finish, and you get a print with a vibrancy and punch that will blow you away. On top of that, the sheer/brushed texture reflects light differently from every angle, which can sometimes make the image appear 3D-like, and it also gives the image an almost magical luminescence that no other print medium can match. All in all, these prints present a very unique, one of a kind high end print that you will not find anywhere else.

You can come check out artist proof versions of some of these prints at the studio.

“Morning Splash”
60″ x 40″
$3500.00 CAD
(Click on the image for details)

“Yonge Lights”
40′ x 30′
$1850.00 CAD
(Click on the image for details)

“Beautiful Confusion”
30′ x 20′
$1200.00 CAD
(Click on the image for details)

“Mongkok Nights”
24″ x 16″
$850.00 CAD
(Click on the image for details)

Alternative Prints

From regular metal prints, to canvas, to acrylic or just your good old traditional white paper prints. Get the artwork just the way you like it.

Other Types of Prints

The process that the glossy brushed metal prints go through is very unique and may not be for everyone. Luckily, if you’re a fan of the work you see on this website and still wish to purchase some prints to display in your home, office or to give as a gift to someone super awesome, then there are alternative printing methods that happen to be more affordable. Photographs can still be printed on various mediums such as traditional high-quality white photo paper, gallery wrapped canvas’, framed canvas’, acrylic, or a more standard and basic sheered brushed metal. All of these alternatives still deliver a very beautiful photographic print while being more cost-effective than the signature metal prints.

Almost all the photographs that you see on this website are available for purchase in print on any medium you’d like, with the exceptions of the photos available in the signature metal prints, and certain photos involving people. Unlike the signature metal prints, these alternative prints have no limit to the number of editions that can be printed or a limitation in what type of materials they can printed on.

If you see an image on this website that you’d like to purchase as a print, send a message with what photo you’d like printed, on what medium and what size using the contact form below and I’ll be sure to get you a quote.

You can also check out some acrylic, metal, and framed canvas prints at the studio!


Acrylic Print


Alternative Metal Texture

Alternative Metal Print

Here’s just a small sample of what images I think would look awesome on your wall (or a friends wall)

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